Our History

Corpus Christi Produce Co., Inc. was established in 1946 by Tony Jataine to meet the needs of mom and pop restaurants, schools and hospitals in the Coastal Bend of South Texas.

The company is located at 238 N. Port Avenue in Corpus Christi, Texas with a 30,000 (20,000 of that is refrigerated) square foot facility adequately providing 10 refrigerated or freezer zones to receive fresh produce, eggs, and pinto beans. Over the years we have expanded our service to provide produce to ships, military bases, universities, schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and corporate restaurant chains in tune with area growth.

Corpus Christi Produce Co. Inc. currently runs delivery trucks 7 days a week servicing areas to Kingsville, Refugio, Alice, Padre Island, the Coastal Bend, and all areas in-between. Our local delivery trucks load several times per day, utilizing the four shipping bays and three other separate bays, as needed. We have one refrigerated receiving dock, which is used for semi-trailers unloading fresh produce 6 days per week.

Our produce is purchased locally in the Valley, all over the US, Hawaii, Mexico and South America. It is shipped through a truck broker, utilizing company owned trucks, and delivered directly to a refrigerated receiving dock. In the past, we have used the railroad to bring in shipments of potatoes.

We sell many varieties of vegetables and fruits, including processed items of vegetables and fruits. We also carry eggs and pinto beans. We offer high quality produce and a customer-first service to our ever-growing base of food service customers.

Our company takes pride in its long history of honesty, integrity and a well-trained workforce with food safety a number one priority through our HACCP certification and implementation. We are Third Party Inspected and scored 100 percent on our last inspection.  We employ two on site certified HACCP safety inspectors.  

Margaret Jataine, daughter of Anne and Tony Jataine, is the current owner and active in the daily operations. She believes in a hand-on approach to customer service and this is backed up by a staff of up to 15 employees.